How to play Fortnite – For Parents

How to play Fortnite For Parents - Battle Royale

How to play Fortnite For Parents – Battle Royale

As we all know by now as parents, so this is a quick run down on how to play Fortnite for us parents! The Battle Royale version is free to play and was created by Epic Games.

Battle Royale is a sister game to Save the World which is a Fortnite survival game where you can construct things just like Minecraft, it was   released on September 26, 2017, for Microsoft, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and was soon followed by other ports to accomodate iOS, Android, and also the Nintendo Switch later on in 2018.

The idea of the game is similar to other games of the genre, The game starts off with a 100 players skydiving onto an island and then having to scour about for equipment to defend themselves from other players.

Players are able to fight on their own or they can fight with another player on their team known as Duos or in a group of up to three other players known as squads.

As the game progesses the playing area of engagement on the island slowly gets shrinks in size, this gives competing players less room to operate in.

The end comes when the last player or team isleft alive. they are then declared winners of the match. What sets Fortnite apart from other games within the same genre as it, is the distinction of Fortnite’s construction elements. These give the game advantage with regards to skill levels and also the way players can utilize materials within the game.

Battle Royale uses more of a seasonal approach with battle passes. The idea behinf this is to introduce new characters for customizatio within the game.

This has also been introduced for limited time events that can correspond with changes to the game map. The release of Fortnite there has been several other game modes introduced to the Fortnite Community which includies “Playground”, which many uses as a training mode.

How to play Fortnite For Parents – Battle Royale

The concept for Battle Royale came about following the release the video game “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” which is quite a similar battle royale game as Fortnite. This game was also successful, however, it did have technical flaws. SOmetimes the first idea in a Niche is successful but then a second genre within that niche will show lots of improvements as lessons are learned from the previous and that seems to be the case with Fortnite.

The plan was to release Fotnite and early access version of Save the World, and later transitioning the game to free play model and financed by microtransactions.

However, because of the rapid rise in popularity with the game, Fortnite decided to split the development team. This structure then saw one team focusing on Battle Royale and the other on Save the World.

Battle Royale received many reviews with positive opinions from critics, they praised aspects such as the learning curve, gameplay, graphical style, and the progressive system. However, they did point out the games similarity to previous type games in the same genre.

The game has quickly rose in popularity espeicially with children from 8 years upwards following its release, where it  eventually overtook games such as Battlegrounds in overall player count and revenue generated.

Due to this, data published showed that in January 2019, the game had been played by more than 200 million people globally and had generated revenue of  2 billion dollars from players around the world!

The game has gone from being just another shoot ’em up the battle game to becoming a massive cultural phenomenon, with massive promotion on social media and several celebrities, including Ninja, Marshmello, and Drake, helping to raise the games profile in its popularity helped it achieve record high viewers on streaming websites. This also helped launch a global merchandise Market for fortnite.

Fortnite Age Rating ?

Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12, the reason for this rating is due to regular scenes of mild violence. This has been deemed as not suitable for persons under 12 years of age.

However, the PEGI rating only considers actual content within the game and not the actual contact element as players can interact with one and other and can then be exposed to swearing and offensive language from strangers in vocal contact through head speakers normally that parents cannot monitor or on-screen text chat.

Useful Tips For Starters

creating an account 

When you start of, you will be required to set upo an account in order to stat playing the game. To create your account you will be asked to provide an email address (which you will then have to verify), Then you need to chose a user name that is displayed on the screen. One thing that is not asked of a player creating a new account is their age, which is not asked  to create an account.

You are playing against other players

As we know,  Fortnite is an online game that allows you to interact with and play against other players of different ages from across the world. There are controls that allow You to turncommunication off in the settingsand also allows you to choose who you play against which as a parent I find very useful.

If there are rude players or bad langauge used you also have the facility to block those players or mute those players who are behaving in an inappropriate manner.

You can make in game purchases

Battle Royale is free to play, but other aspects of Fortnit requires packs that grant you different access to the full game plus  extensions.

Extension purchases can be bought with in game currency and lets you buy items such as ‘skins’ which let you edit the design of your character.

The Skins start of at £8 and go up to £119.99. The game will ask players and advertise offers to make additional in-game purchases during gametime, although these are not required to play the game.

New Fortnite safe world allows younger players to gain experience in a world that is just for beginners! Safe Mode



Fortnite Graphics

Fortnite has and does feature violence when players are engaged in combat with each other, while the animation of the game is designed in a cartoon fashion the violent scenes are not bloody or gory. The aim of Fortnite is to defeat other players by fighting against them but in all honesty, it is no more violent than a Tome and Jerry cartoon!




Where you can play Fortnite 

You can play Fortnite on nearly all aplliances;  PC, Mac, PlayStation and XBox , and also on IOS Mobile phones (apple products) plis  Android phones. You can also download it from the Fortnite website and on the website, it  gives access to both versions,  Free  version and paid versions of the game.

As parents we know the dangers that the online gaming world can pose for children and it is our job to protect our kids, it is therefore sensible to warn them of the dangers online, I wrote an article last year titeld “is Minecraft safe for kids” and the same concept applies for any online game with interaction with the putside world.

Theres a few more things you can do to make sure you keep your kids safe online.

Have an open and honest Chat

It’s important to gain your child’s trust and make them feel comfortable in telling you whatsa going on in their online gaming time and a simple wayof doing this is by talking to them, if they know your not going to be critical of something that is important to them but as an adult you see a problem with it then it is important to remain calm and engaging and then perhaps drop a few suggestions in as to how they can deal with an issue or be comfortable in telling you. Parents can help keep their children safe by educating them while connversing with them without them realising as to them your taking an interest in their gaming world.

Play with the Game with them

You will prbably lose everytime, get laughed at and not know what the heck your doing but this will be funny to your child and help to get them to open up to you about the other players as you areengaging with them. You will also begin to understand what makes Fortnite so interesting to young people, but also it will give you a look around inside the game to gain an idea of the reporting tools available in Fortnite.

Learn how to make a report

In Fortnite you can report players who are behaving inappropriately just as you can on sites like Roblox, Yoan do this by using the feedback tool that is located in the game Main Menu,

Newbie Tips:

When starting out on a new game, it can be confusing as to what is what and it is no different with Fortnite, The younger you are the easier it seems we pick gaming up!

Battle Royale

Some useful tips worth noting down for Fortnite that are relevant for the game when you start have been included below for your interest. You may find some useful or not but there here if you want to look at them

Battle Royale is a game mode in Fortnite as mentioned earlier it is free to play.

The ides is for you to pit your skills against 100 other players in a last man standing shooting scenario rather than who has the most kills, but obviusly its better to try and take out as many competitors as possible! The algorithms do tend to pick up on the more aggressive players who then get rewarded. You can win by hiding and being sneeky as well though!

A useful tactic to start off with is choosing an ideal location to drop in to the battle theatre at the beginning of the game as a strategy right from the start is always an advantage.



Fortnite landing


Following The Flow of the Game play

How to play Fortnite For Parents

At the very beginning of every match, you staet of on the “battle bus”

The battle bus gives you an ealge eyed view of the battleground as it flies over the whole battle map although the direction changes and more often than not players will drop near to the route. You have the option to land anywhere you want to, the key is to pull your parachute as soon as possible to give you the best chance of landing at your target area.

After a minute or two of gliding in your parachute, a circle will appear on the map which indicates your target point, shortly after the circle appears, the weather consitions will change as storm will slowly sweep across the map and carry you in on the circle as well as pushing other players towards the circle as well. You can survive if you land in the circle but only for a short amount of time so you want to go there in your own time.

The cycle is repeated as a second circle will appear inside the first circle, and then the process is repeated, each time the new circle is smaller and  the time it takes for the circle to close in get faster for each process all the while the winds from the storm get more potenct and stronger as the storm’s strength increases.

It then becomes alot more important therefore to move inside the circle.

The draw back is for each circle has less amount of land for you to operate in and you will encounter more players quicker for each circle that appears, you will get more contact the later you land which could decrease your chances of winning.

When you do land you will definetly have a handful of neighbours in you circle and the chances are you will know where eacg other are situated as you all build your Forts and skirmish with each other as you head for supply drops as you get established. Being fast with your construction is an advantage at this point.

There is alot more to the game but the above tips will help you get started, especially if you are a novice.

The game is a massive hit for all ages, This is just a small quick staert guide to the game, I have put together a few tips and tricks post to help you as you progress through the learning process of Fortnite!

I hope you enjoyed the guide and let me know how you match up against your kids playing this game!



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  1. I never played this game however I know it is really popular as my brother keeps telling it. I think choosing a good location can help dramatically. I already played a few war games and I experienced it over and over again. However I wonder how I can choose a good location?

  2. Going through this post is really fun! Mere reading it alone ,am feeling as if am playing the game. I just finished signing up after reading your post, the useful tips you gave needs to be put down in black and white for easy reference. My son will be surprise if I lecture him little on Fortnite when get back .Thanks for the useful tips and guides you gave. I now understand a lot about twitch,streaming and fornite game. I have to bookmark your page in other to follow up and get more of your posts.

  3. Excellently written Darren!

    I love Fortnite and I still play it until now even though I’m at a crossroad with Apex Legends. It has a fun vibe to it and I love how friendly the graphics are to the eyes. I still get killed most of the time when I land but despite all that, I think parents would love this game especially when they chat with the fun players.

    I do hate it though when others can be really toxic which ruins the game for us and also for the parents who want to try but I guess there’s nothing we can do to change those people except to prepare those who are about to play, wouldn’t you agree 😀

    1. HI Riaz

      To be honest I grew up on Tom and Jerry Cartoons which were more violent than anything on fortnite!  I do agree, it seems some people just enjoy complaining

  4. Nice review on the fortnite game. This is really an interesting game to play and really fun-filled game. I was at my friend’s place last week, he was playing this fortnite game with his kids and it was really an amazing experience as they were cathinhfun with it. I have to get it and play as well with my two boys, and moreover playing with them will no doubt strengthen the love and bond in the family. Kudos to you on this article.

    1. HI thank you, I’ve played a few times and got beaten by my nephews, hence I thought it a good idea to help other parents! lol

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