How The Water Puzzle Flows!

The Answer

So here is the answer to the puzzle as promised!

Watch the Video to see how the Water will flow. Remember water will always take the easiest route!


So there you have it!


I hope you have all enjoyed the puzzle and it’s been great watching the interaction on my site. Comment below if you was right! 


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4 Replies to “How The Water Puzzle Flows!”

  1. Hello!

    I enjoyed reading your page and also found your web content enjoyable. 

    Can you buy products if you live outside of the USA? 

    I think your reviews and slogan “reviewed by a parent for parents” is brilliant as it Is unusual to find these types of reviews. At the end of the day it parents or adult relatives of children you will be buying the products.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thankyou 

      I feel very passionate about how much parents need to spend on toys in order to fulfill their children’s dreams so I appreciate the acknowledgment.

  2. Wow, Thank you for the solution to the water puzzle. It was clearly and well explained. I have always come across this puzzle and tried solving it countless times. I was totally wrong. But now i know better. Definitely searching for more of this on your site. Puzzles are a real great work out for the mind and it helps to sharpen the brain.

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