Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track

Hot Wheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track Set by Hot Wheels


Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track


Made by: Hotwheels

Best place to buy: Amazon

Price: £24.99

My rating: 98/100

The Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track set includes styled track pieces that resemble the wildly popular video game that has been brought to life by Hotwheels and Minecraft!

After browsing for ideas for my sons presents for his birthday I came across this toy and thought how awesome it was as it combines to of his favourite things which is cars and Minecraft.

The Toy

The Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track is based on the video game and surrounds a Minecraft character called a Ghast which  are gigantic mobs from the Nether that float and are very hostile. They shoot fireballs that explode at players in the the Minecraft game.

The ghast

As with anything to do with Hotwheels this set is based on a track and making things whizz around it and in this case it is minecarts.

The object of the theme is to lose yourself in your imagination now as a child this is easy as imagination is in abundance which is what we want to encourage as parents.

So thinking like a child we must defeat the Ghast from the nether world by launching our favourite mini character in the minecart up the loop aim for the giant Ghast’s mouth which will open and close. This is how the nether menace is defeated!

This track is easy to set up and includes  picture directions making it easier for older children to set up on there own. Once set up it’s all about timing of the launcher which you need to be just right so the cart can make it through the mouth of the Ghast. Don’t for get the cart has to make it completely around the loop-de-loop before challenging the mouth of the Nether monster making it a fun challenge!

A bonus for Hotwheel fans is that this track is a universal fit with other Hotwheel tracks so you if you have other tracks then you can design one giant track!  If you get bored of the carts you can use Hotwheel cars on here as well.

You can also use your own Minecraft mini figures or buy extra to prolong the fun of this cross themed toy.



Hot Wheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track Set by Hot Wheels


The Hotwheels Ghast attack set comes with track pieces resembling the video game along with The Minecraft Pigman mini figure and one minecart.

The main character “The Ghast” makes up the main part of the track and is the main feature of the track.

The Ghast is part of the track and will challenge your gaming skills off-line! Simulate authentic game moments and live out your Minecraft™ adventures with Hot Wheels!


The Dimensions of the toy when set up are : 3 x 18 x 10″ and weighs 499g so it is a very manageable toy to store and does not take up much room and as you can see from the image below this is how it compares to an older child:

size comparison

Hotwheels suggest that the recommended minimum age for this toy is 3 but I would suggest from 4 years old and upward with adult supervision as there are choking hazards with this toy which are unavoidable due to it’s design.


Where to Buy


I’ve had a look around to source the best places to buy this toy and Amazon seems to be the best choice for UK customers.

I suggest that you go for Amazon where the best offer that offers you the most security is the Amazon fuliment offer.

This is for sale at £24.99 with free delivery:  See product

There are listings on Ebay as well but a lot of them will be shipped from the USA so you need to take into account the shipping charges that make it twice as much: see Listings


For customers in the USA I recommend Amazon where the cheapest listing is $34.52 with free shipping.

The Hotwheels website offers it at $30.99 but does not offer free shipping

Buy at Amazon: See Listing

If you also wanted to see the listings on Ebay you can click the link in the UK section above as both destinations are listed.


I think the Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track is a great toy for all age groups boys and girls.

It is very easy to put together and  children really enjoy playing with this toy. It’s a very good product and I highly recommended for anyone with children who like Hotwheels and Minecraft.















10 Replies to “Hotwheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track”

  1. Thank you for this article. My nephew is an avid Minecraft AND Hotwheels fan and I’ve been struggling on what to get him for Christmas. This seems like the perfect gift and doesn’t take up much room. Get him off of the computer for awhile too! lol 🙂

    1. Hi Becca

      Yes they all seem to be glued to the computer these days don’t they! That’s why I think interactive toys such as Minecraft,Lego and hot wheels can be so engaging.

      Bringing Minecraft to life helps the kids engage their imagination and creativity as they have to use their hands to create.

  2. Very nice toy ! I will add to the my son’s toy’s list.
    He is approaching 3 years. I will have already a list of interesting toys to give him.


  3. I can’t believe this site exists. I LOVE Minecraft and am always on the fence about buying merchandise but this set is so cute, I might just treat myself this time. (I am a grown adult.)

    I see Minecraft merch in a lot of places but you don’t always get a sense of the quality or people’s experience with them so thanks for making this website and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Valerie

      Thank you and I am very happy to help! Go on buy it, treat yourself!! ha ha

      The one thing I like about the toys in Minecraft is the quality and detail put into the toys considering the labour and energy costs to make these toys the prices are not that bad once broken down.

      I’m glad you like the website


  4. Wow, great product review Darren. I bet my kids will love it. Thank you for sharing where I can buy it online as it is not available in our local shops in the region. My kids were gifted with a Hotwheels toy before and they love it. Having this will add to their collections. Great brand there =) and of course, Minecraft is amazing =) Thanks again =)

    1. Hi

      No I didn’t know that hot wheels and Minecraft had teamed up either but what an awesome idea! You can actually buy through my website in the Toy Section.

      i expect for your location you will need the USA tab, The best place to buy at the best price I have found is Amazon

      I hope you are able to get one!

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