Free Minecraft tutorial

Free Minecraft tutorial

As with all computer games, they take time to learn and this game certainly does. There are however plenty of online tutorials and most free such as ones on You Tube which is a great resource centre for literally anything.

I remember my son spent hours every day watching you tube videos on Minecraft while he waited patiently for me to buy it for him. I believe this helped quell any frustrations he had or may have had if he just went and played without knowing what to do but instead he was almost an expert on the basics! 

Here is a lot of silly stuff on you tube so obviously monitor it but there is also some great stuff on there not just for free Minecraft. Tutorials but for other subjects.

Also you can research on Minecraft Wiki which is their version of Wikipedia. Mojang really have thought of everything!

I’d love to hear from anyone who uses any resources to develope their Minecraft skills!

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