Fortnite Goes into Mode like Minecraft

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Fortnite goes Minecraft

It was announced recently of a new platform launch by Epic Games for the hit game Fortnite. I think it’s important to tell you about it as it has made the game a lot safer for young people and children who enjoy the game.

I will now explain my reasons as Fortnite has entered into the Minecraft way of doing things with its very own Creative Mode which launches today 6th December 2018!

This new creative mode within Fortnite will allow players to develop and construct their very own worlds, this will allow them to play without getting attacked by other players.

I think this is a really good addition to this growing game as it allows for younger players and also less experienced players to learn the game and to develop their skills in a peaceful zone under their own steam without interruptions. The way the hit video game that is owned by Epic games has designed this is for players who use the Creative mode, having their own islands for them to design and play on.



This is a massive addition to the franchise as, the new creative mode will enable players to fly freely around their very own environment and placing scenic elements while designing their own mini-games to play with friends in their own worlds. This is a good safety feature as well as there are always dangers to be awar of when playing in an open multiplayer world, especially for young players.

The Launch

Epic Games will be launching the new option, on the 6th December under the name Fortnite Creative, which is a new approach by the creators as Fortnite has always been known for free online multiplayer modes and Battle Royales rather than providing build your own safe havens. However, these islands not only offer security but also a place for new players to hone their skills.

Battle Royales are free for alls involving in a 100 players that land on an island and have a mass shoot out, targetting each other each other until only one player remains, for these reasons Fortnite has become one of the most successful video games of this decade the 2010’s!

Fortnite currently operates with over 200 million players globally creating a turnover $300m a month for its developer. The majority of this revenue is generated by purchases made within the game such as players buying skins and emotes to name but a few,

Fortnite Creative is due to be set as available via the main Fortnite menu but in addition to the current modes which are Save the World and Battle Royale.

The Creative mode will give players the choice of deciding on the shape of their island prior to giving them access to their own private landscape.

This is operated by simply using a drag and drop interface function and from this they will be able to populate the landscape with a variety of pre-made buildings and scenic objects allowing for every player to cater to there own needs and choices.

Once this has been created by a player they then have the choice to set up a range of mini-games, such as deathmatch shoot-outs and obstacle courses that can be played with friends that the owner of the island invites to his or her server. This is great for privacy and being able to have fun with your own friends without it being spoilt or disrupted by nuisance players that do pop up in any online game.

Save your Worlds

It is also possible for you to save your worlds and also share them, with friends. You can also visit a hub and see worlds built by fellow members from the community.

There are similar aspects to the creative mode that you find in the Minecraft as players can create their own buildings and landscapes without worrying about being attacked. There has been criticism from parents that Fortnite focuses too heavily on killing other players at a time when there is so much violence in the world already.

It could be argued that violent video games may influence young people who commit violence,

For the first week, only those players who purchase a Season Seven Battle pass be able to have access to the new mode prior to it being available to everyone from 13th December 2018 so get ready as it likely be a will be free for all epic games have warned!

check out the video from Epic Games!


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Final Thoughts


I certainly do not think that Fortnite creative or Minecraft have many similarities with regards to with regards to there creative modes as one is basically a shooting game in effect and the other is a building game. Fortnite I think has created a safer place for children to play this game and in that effect, I will say in my opinion that is a good thing.

There are too many online games where children can interact with adults and we all know the kind I’m talking about. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to safeguard 100% online as people can lie on the sign-up form can’t they!

If there is a mode where a player has his own world and a stranger or player they know, cannot enter without an invite then the control is back with us parents!

I hope you enjoyed my article and I look forward to bringing you more news when it is announced!

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14 Replies to “Fortnite Goes into Mode like Minecraft”

  1. Wow! what a cool concept, building your own world! This is super cool to learn about, crazy about other friends or strangers not being to enter without permission but just so smart. Thank you for providing fantastic information. The safety portion thought of for this new software is very impressing and has to be one of the most considerate aspects i have seen.

    1. HI Alisha

      It is cool and one that I think will be very successful for the game and attract new players. It also should please parents with regards to the safety aspect for younger gamers.

  2. I was eager to see if you would mention the safety for children aspect in this post and you did not disappoint. Thank you for emphasizing the updated safety and violence standards as this is very important to me in considering my purchase of this game for the young ones in my life. One of my nieces especially is a total fanatic for Minecraft!

    1. HI Desa

      yes as a parent I feel the same way, Fortnite has had some criticism from some parents as initially it is a shooting game. I know we had shooting games as kids but the graphics now are much better and almost life like where ours where like match stick men on a Plain background.

      Minecraft is nowhere near as violent as Fortnite but still that have a safe mode and a survival mode.

  3. Hello Darryn,

    Minecraft has been around for many years been coming up with new and exciting ways to keep players engaged and this is no different. 

    The revenue Fortnite earns (300 million) from the amount of subscribers is absolutely mind boggling even if the initial developmental costs were high. 

    It is a great feature that the worlds are able to be saved and shared now as a lot of work goes into creating good quality worlds.

    Thanks for your review and keep up the good work.


    1. Hi Rich

      that monthly earnings is absolutely staggering isn’t it, its more than some countries generate! 

      The gaming companies know how to market and upset so the initial return on investment must be paid back many times over each month, I would be interested to know how much it cost to produce! 

  4. Thats so Awesome, I am thrilled that I have found your post. I like to be informed of whats going on digitally for my kids and to know that My kids love love love love fortnite. I do limit their playing times and I have played it with them a few times to check if its safe. Its a fairly busy game and it has me feeling a bit exhausted just keeping up with the kids, they do have to help me out at times. I am so glad to hear that The fortnite game has been made “alot safer for young people and children”. Its so important in the online world. I am sure my kids will want the Creative mode as soon as they know about it and I am glad to know that you cannot be attacked while playing and creating in it. Awesome information!  Mary

    1. Hi Mary

      I remember I had to slow down for my Dad when I was younger and now my kids slow down for me! you are not alone! ha ha

      I agree its better for the kids and if they are getting attacked all the time they are never getting a chance to improve their game, along with the safer areas of play it looks as though it will be very successful.

  5. at long last, I have been waiting for this so long! What a fantastic idea to add a “creative mode” on the fornite. I want to give it a try and enjoy it. I am a noob in the game and other players kill me all the time. Now I will have the opportunity to enjoy more the videogame graphics and stuff. Yeah, 

    Thanks for writing his great post

    1. hi Fred 

      That’s exactly why I think it’d a good idea as well as security for children.

      If I played fortnite I’d never be good enough to get out of creative mode! Ha ha 

  6. Nice write up, In today’s digital world of mobile phones, computers and internet, children seems to be spending more time alone and indoors unlike In the good old days when we  grew up playing outside . 

    I think the fortnite minecraft is a very good option for kids all over the world. The battle royals involving 100 player is a major feature that will make the fun more interesting among pears and lots more.

    1. Hi 

      Yes computers and game consoles were a new thing when I was young so whenever we could we were out on our bikes or playing football! 

      I’m glad I grew up when I did to be honest

  7. Hi Daren,

    this mode looks very cool! I have a friend that plays Fortnite and I tried this once when I was at his place. It’s a very dynamic game, a bit fast for my taste, but I like the graphics, design, and it seems to me that it can be a stress relief (because all the time your thinking about your strategy – building, jumping, enemies etc). Probably he is very thrilled because of this new mode and already knows about it. I will ask him. 🙂

    I didn’t play Minecraft but I saw on Youtube some videos and it is a famous game, so I know about it and I like that it’s ’pixelish’, all with ‘cubes’. I don’t know the relation between them, but I like their style. 😀

    Best wishes,


    1. HI Suzanna

      I think Minecraft appeals to children more as a way to get into gaming and understanding the concepts of controls of a game as well as being very educational. I think the attraction for children especially, is that its like an online lego world.

      It’s not just a game as it is now being included into schools to help stimulate children to learn.

      They have recently copied the hydrogen collider at CERN so you can go on a virtual tour of the complex for example.

      My son actually learnt to read through operating a newspaper in one of the modes when he was younger! 

      Fortnite is a game but again it is different from Minecraft. Fortnite would be competing with Call of Duty and games like that.

      it is still a game where you have to think as you say.



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