Fidget Spinners!!!

Fidget Spinner Craze

So the latest kids craze is the fidget spinner here in the UK and no doubt around the world, there are even Minecraft ones floating about but I am not sure they are licensed products from Mojang so I am not going to review or recommend the Minecraft fidget spinners until I have evidence they are licensed.

These are however a great idea for the kids and were supposed to help with a childs concentrating and to stop them from fidgeting in a school classroom but in the news today it seems to of have an adverse effect!

as Sky News correspondent Laura Bundock, Reports:

” Fidget spinners, the latest must-have toy, are being banned from schools as teachers brand them a disruptive distraction.

Sales have recently rocketed as parents are pestered for the popular toy.

They were originally designed for people who struggle to concentrate, and some claim they have helped children with conditions like autism or ADHD.

But while fidget spinners are often advertised as relaxing and stress-relieving, they have become a nuisance in classrooms.

Hertfordshire Year 6 teacher Mark Creasy said his school quickly banned them from lessons.

“They were being thrown around like Frisbees.

“They’re being passed around the class, they’re out in the in the playground, and actually it just becomes a distraction.

“They’re not something to occupy you, to actually keep you focused and engaged which is what they should be, but they’re actually being used as something to disrupt.”

Children who have special educational needs are still allowed the toys”

This is not just in Hertfordshire as also it has been on the news here in Liverpool as well. Now kids will be kids but it is a shame a few have ruined it for the many but understandably the schools have a duty of care over our children.

so is there an alternative? well yes there is and yes it is Minecraft Linked ( quietly chuckles!)

 Sensory Oojamabobs

Sensory Oojamabobs

Sensory Oojamabobs are fidget flip toys and is a  QUIET fiddle toy designed for children with Autism ADHD.

the product description identifies this sensory device by saying Fidgi-Flips are fun, durable and innovative fiddle toys, perfect for improving focus and attention, helping with stress and anxiety and can help refocus nervous energy we express in behaviours such as nail biting.

The Standard Fidgi-Flip measures about 45mm across and weigh 17g. Each metal ring is 25mm in diameter and these are made of nickel-plated steel.


Research studies have shown fidget toys help people and that includes Adults asell as Children for that matter by helping the person to focus and reduce their anxiety while actually helping to promote learning.

This is particularly true for children and adults with ADHD. As they don’t require any conscious thought or attention, as a parent of 3 sons with ADHD I would personally recommend Fidgi-Flips over a fidget spinner for school time as it can help children in class and adults if they are in a meeting or even adult education to concentrate without being too distracting.

They can help improve a person’s concentration and to keep focus on the task at hand, by allowing the brain to exercise its nervous energy. The optional lanyard means the extra distractions of getting fiddle toys in and out of pockets or picked up and put down is eliminated. With the lanyard, the Fidgi-Flip can hang loose from a belt-loop and is easily accessed when needed and kept save reducing the risk of dropping it with minimal distraction to the individual and others around them.

I would say the benefits for me to recommend this device are:

Helps concentration – Reduces stress and anxiety – Improves dexterity – Can help promote learning – Mindless – doesn’t require conscious thought or attention – Durable – Cold to warm – Different textures – Outlet for nervous energy – Has a decent weight, providing further sensory input – The lanyard makes the Fidgi-Flips easier to hold and harder to lose!

You can find the Minecraft version in amazon priced at just £11.99 –

I’d love to here what you think and your views and experiences with your children who have fidget spinners and if you have had problems with the schools as this is an ideal solution.

8 Replies to “Fidget Spinners!!!”

    1. Hi Alan
      Thanks as that’s why I created this website for parents and children to interact, ask him his views and ideas on them and minecraft for that matter!!

  1. I think if they help kids with autism and ADHD, we need to find a way that the education system can embrace them somehow. It might have to be regulated but definitely needs to be considered

    1. Hi Glenn

      I totally agree with you, minecraft is very innovative and it’s being used in schools already which is good, time for them to think outside the box!

  2. Looking at any method that can help children with ASD and ADHD, is a useful tools as in any aspect children with thease disabilitye can fined the education system difficult and daunting. Minecraft is also a great game for children as it helps develop there imagination and cognitive thinking skills, which can be a task to get children with disability to participate in. I agree though however that it would be difficult to police the use of fidget spinners to only children that could benefit from the product within the education environment.

    1. Great post!

      Yes it would be difficult to police however monecraft has proved to stimulate the children in school

  3. It’s hypocritical that schools are putting our children as young as 6 through the stress of SATs but refuse to let them use tools which will help them de-stress and channel their energy and distraction positively through fidget spinners or these alternative Fidgi-flips.

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