Cyclone Designs and Minecraft

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Cyclone Designs and Minecraft


There is a lot of new content coming on the marketplace this week to keep you entertained through the Easter Holidays.

Some of the creations the Minecraft community members can create is awesome and to be honest artwork in itself.

Will Loader, Ushio Tokura, and Marceau Nakayama,  along with  Vanessa Pearson, are multi-talented without doubt and have created some outstanding structures through their company Cyclone Designs.

What they have created using the Minecraft building blocks is truly amazing.


Cyclone designs city

Marceau was quoted as saying:

“Our group is focused on building interactive environments for Minecraft.” 

The Way Cyclone works when creating it’s master pieces is at the start of creating their content.

They Work in a similar way to how a game developer wold but they use a Minecraft game engine along with having multiple builders that are highly talented individuals and they can do it all from concept art all the way through to the marketing. It is widely though that this is the key to Cyclone’s designs success.

Staff members come from all over the world so the diversity in building styles and approaches and benefits the company as a whole. Each staff member is able to lend a hand and help each other out if there is a complication to a project.


Jungle minecraft - Cyclone designs

A Very Young Company

For such a newly established company, Cyclone Designs has already had the fortune to experience major successes in such a short space of time for which Ushio Tokura recently shared;

“We started Cyclone in October of 2017, and just recently we’ve joined the partnership program with Minecraft Marketplace.”

Recently Cyclone designs were able to show their work to a Chinese community of creators in Hangzhou! while there they were able to experience a memorable moment when they met team members from  Mojang, Microsoft, and NetEase all in the same place that is a rare occurrence.

The Future

There are also exciting future projects planned with goals to engage big audiences with Cyclones diverse Culture to promote education, experiences and atmosphere which they hope will help children become inspired to create their own projects and show their Minecraft skills off.

This really is a company to watch and keep an eye out for their new projects in the Minecraft Market place starting with Cloud Jumper that is available now.


Cloud Jumper - cylcone designs


Cyclone Designs Website is well worth a visit to see their amazing creations – Cyclone Designs


Thanks for reading and I hope you get to experience what these guys have created!

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  1. This is amazing and the structures from the screenshots is mind blowing !

    Cyclone designs looks as if they have really assembled a truly talented team from around the world!

    1. Doing the research on them and looking at their projects they have some truly talented programmers in the team.

      Some of there Minecraft work is amazing and it’s been a pleasure to write the article on

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