My favourite Minecraft Toys

Minecraft - Steves head

My favourite Minecraft Toys

So whats in at the moment in Minecraft Merchandise? I’ve done some research and I have come up with the most popular toys currently being bought.

I have checked out the prices as these like other toys soon empty your wallet or purse don’t they Mums and Dads!


You can, however, check the best selling toys on Amazon here: toys 


Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack

first up we have the core player survival pack toy which includes all the survival gear that Steve would need to, well survive!!

For your money, your son or daughter will get

  • a 3-inch scale fully articulated Steve action figure, Minecraft Survival pack
  • Wooden Pickaxe,
  • Sword,
  • Bed
  • Chest

Brand new in the shops this retails at £14.99 however on Amazon you can purchase from £6 to £9 and although it’s not much of a discount, Amazon lets you combine purchases so the discounts will add up.

This is right up there with the best Minecraft toys selling this year and affordable however I recommend you buy online.

Click to buy: Minecraft survival pack

Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow

Not suitable for children under 6 and supervised correctly this is a cool toy for any would-be Minecrafter!

Click here:

Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow

This life-size bow and arrow can be loaded and fired so care must be taken however with this in your inventory those creepers zombies and skeletons do not stand a chance !!

The Enchanted Bow
Enchanted Bow

price range from £32.99 – £41.99 


The Minecraft bow and arrow set is slightly cheaper and just as much fun which starts from £26.99.

Minecraft Bow
original Bow


I would suggest an enchanted bow for a huntress and an original bow for a hunter!!



Click here for the option to buy:  Original Bow 

Minecraft Light-up Torch

This is ideal for a child over 3 who has a big imagination and maybe scared of the dark. I’m sure we have all been there as parents, for me a torch or night light was an ideal solution.

With the wall torch as in the game, you can enhance your child’s imagination my pretending that the wall torch will Keep hostiles away from the bedroom.

Wall torch – click to enlarge

It looks just like the torch from the game and is an Officially licensed Minecraft collectable that enables you can Hang the torch on the wall or just sit on a bedside table or nearby shelf.

these are retailing for £25.99 however on Amazon you can buy from £11.99.

out of the best Minecraft toys I have researched so far I would say this is by far the most useful product that has practical use in helping to give your child peace of mind at night plus a brilliant torch for any camping trip!

If you want to find out more or to read reviews on listings the link is here: Minecraft light up torch

Minecraft Cookie cutter set

How cool are these!  I came across these while sourcing products and trying to find the best deals for you all! 

If your little Minecraft addict enjoys baking then this could be an ideal way to drag them away from the computer! They really look tasty, don’t they!

The storage tin looks pretty good as well!!