farming guide for minecraft

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The first step in the farming guide is laying the foundations as in any building, crafting/building a hoe of any type but I would suggest stone. Always choose to build your farm near a natural water source so you have an ample supply of water for your crops and livestock, the larger your farm the more demand for water will be.

Farming guide to Minecraft – Preparing the ground

To prepare the ground for planting you will need to choose a patch of grass or dirt and using your freshly made Hoe, work on the dirt/grass to till the ground until it starts turning it into farmland blocks. You may like to fence you’re your work patch off to secure it from nosey pests such as rabbits.

how to farm in Minecraft

Earlier in my introduction to the Farming guide I pointed out to build your farm near water. The reason for this is probably obvious as nothing can survive without it.

When you build a farm with its land being a within 4 tiles of water which can even be diagonal from the Farm and on the same level or one level lower, the farmland tile has more of a chance of becoming hydrated. You will begin to notice as it becomes visibly darker.

A useful point to know is; Wheat will grow in 1 day/night cycle when planted on hydrated farmland, which is very useful to know when playing survivor mode.

Another useful thing to know for hydrating your crops is that if you place a bucket of water near the farmland then that will also hydrate it. A bucket of water placed in the centre of a 9 x 9 grid of Farmland will then hydrate all the grids

Farming guide to Minecraft – Finding seeds

Once the ground has been tilled you will need to find the seeds to plant, In order to do this you will have to wander the land until you find tall grass blocks. Once you do it’s a simple process of destroying them and grabbing the seeds that drop onto the ground. To make them the active just right-click at the soil to plant them and then let them grow however make sure they get water to grow!

Farming guide to Minecraft – Harvesting Crops

You can Harvest crops by a simple process; If you just left-click using tool selected.

Wheat will grow through 8 stages of development with the beginning stages being green but this stage will have no yield if harvested. You are better off waiting until they begin to turn brown as that’s when they are fully grown.

Once you have harvested the wheat then the plants will drop between 0 and 3 seeds and 1 wheat seed.

Farming guide to Minecraft – Recap

Below is a short to do list on the farming process:

  • Collect seeds.
  • Right-click the farmland to plant seeds. Wait. …
  • Harvest the crops.

So to cut it short 3 simple steps and you will have a crop! Oh don’t forget the water!!

When planting and growing crops also be aware that it is best to avoid cold or dry places, checkout the landscape. Crops will grow faster in warm climates where there is a good water source.

Farming guide to Minecraft – Growing pumpkins

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In order to grow pumpkins you will need to start with the base layer, which is basically a modified farm layer. Make sure the farmland squares are planted with your seeds, a useful point to note that it is dirt where pumpkins or melons if you want to plant those will grow best.

Farming guide to Minecraft – Growing Sugar cane

You can only find or plant Sugar cane in grass, dirt, or sand and it must be directly adjacent to water. With sugar cane it cannot be diagonally set to water it must be adjacent, important if you have a sweet tooth!

Once the sugar cane is fully grown it will stand three blocks high, you can harvest mature sugarcane with the following recommended technique; mature sugar cane should be harvested by hitting the middle block.

Farming guide to Minecraft – Growing Carrots

Growing Carrots is very similar to growing wheat however there is an exception and that is; there are no seeds!

Plant your carrots or potatoes which is the same process by the way in farmland, preferably hydrated, and just wait. You can add bone meal as this will speed up the process.

A good thing about harvesting Carrots is that when you do harvest them, then yield on these crops will allow you to get back more than you originally planted.

By placing one gold nugget and one melon slice on a crafting table, you are able to create a glistering melon slice, which can then be used in potions ingredient that requires it in the recipe!


I hope this page has been of use to you and I plan to add more content as I go on but for now this guide will give you ample information to survive in various Minecraft Realms. You will also find countless tutorials on farming guides to Minecraft on lots of search engines.


Happy Minecrafting!!!!