Albert Einstein’s water tank quiz!

Albert Einstein’s puzzle post!

The water tank quiz!

Many of us parents are now on summer vacation with our children so I thought I’d come away from Minecraft a little and have abit of fun!

We see many problems posted on social media testing our IQ and this one is pretty good !

Can you solve this problem from Albert Einstein in under 15 seconds?

what water tank will fill up first ? leave your comment below!

So Did you do it? Think your clever?

Did you know there is actually a book full of how Albert Einstein solved these  puzzles? Are you up for the challenge? If you are the book is called :

USA: Think Like Einstein: Think Smarter                                                Think Smarter - Albert Einstein



If you prefer the actual puzzle book then the Albert Einsteins Puzzles will be better for you!

USA: Albert Einstein Puzzles   UK: Albert Einstein PuzzlesPuzzle Universe








9 Replies to “Albert Einstein’s water tank quiz!”

        1. Hi Tim

          If you look at the entry tunnels in tank J, the one to tank I will only ever reach the same level as the tunnel to Tank L, Water will always find the quickest route.

          here’s a link to you tube showing you, there are also other other videos here showing you aswell


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