About me

Creeper - Minecraft


Hey there I’m Darren

Welcome to my website Minecraft Toys!

Here you can gain the knowledge on Minecraft toys that your kids really want!!

I like many of you have a Minecraft mad child but I never know what characters are what right?

So with the help of my son I thought why not setup a website giving fellow parents the heads up on what’s hot and where to buy!!

So if have you Minecraft on the screens of your home, Have no fear!!

My son has developed many skills including; helping him to read, type and count better as He’s gone on, developing creativity and that childhood imagination we as parent somehow lost as we grew up.

 This game is all about fun, creativity and imagination and no Violence!!

I’m really enjoying my time developing this website and I hope you will enjoy it too.

I have also learnt and I am still learning many wonderful things about this game if you can call it a game now as its definitely a unique visual educational tool in my view.

I look forward to the game progressing in the future I hope you are also! 



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