Minecraft Kids Smart Watch Review

Minecraft Smart Watch

Minecraft Kids Smart Watch Review


I couldn’t find a useful Minecraft Kids Smart Watch Review for parents as to whether or not this watch was suitable for the price of it. While our little Minecraft fans will love this watch strapped to their wrists, how child friendly is it?

This Minecraft Kids Smart Watch comes with so many smart watch features. These include, 6 games to play plus a video recorder, a camera and a video camera which you can use when you are out and about on your adventures.

Additionally, for fitness tracking purposes it also comes with a  pedometer to keep track of your steps, A timer and even an alarm clock to wake you up!

The Minecraft kids smart watch allows them to choose 10 different watch faces enabling a different look every day of the week.

I know the little ones will be excited with this interactive watch, however is it suitable for all ages?

Hopefully you can make your own minds up after reaing this article. first lets look at the features of the product.

Features of the Minecraft Kids Smart Watch Review

The Minecraft kids Smart watch Featuries a soft green silicone strap with the actual watch filled with tech and fun features and also includes a USB cable for charging and downloading data.


Minecraft Kids Smart Watch

  • Contents: A Minecraft Kids Smart Watch
  • 6 games to play
  • Camera for taking pictures
  • Video camera to take videos
  • Pedometer to track your steps
  • Voice recorder to take notes
  • Alarm clock to wake you up
  • Timer to keep you on track
  • 10 different Minecraft watch faces to wear

My opinion as a parent on Minecraft Kids Smart Watch Review

The Minecraft smart watch is a popular choice on platforms such as Amazon, with 482 sales recorded on one listing alone! now the brand will have a lot to do with the popularity of the watch as all Minecraft merchandise but how much of the technology would be relevant to the various age groups they are marketing to?

I have read feedback on many reviews that the watch strap comes up a little tight for older children so the age range I recommend is 5-6 as even on 7 year olds, a lot of parents have said the strap is a little tight.

Looking back on the tech the Minecraft Smart watch comes with., How many 5 year olds will be interested or understand how to work it? 7 year olds I feel will unbderstand the tech more but any younger its just something with Minecraft on their wrists.

My point is relevant to the price of the watch as there are cheaper versions out there for what a 5 year old will use it for! Visually the watch looks good and is fine and the digital clockface will be appealing and will look good on the wrist along with a Minecraft hoodie!

Minecraft Kids Smart Watch

The Verdict

Minecraft Kids Smart Watch

If your child wants a watch and is tech savvy then why not? You know your own child after all! Bear in mind the size of the wrist trap for ages 7 or over. I do feel for younger children judging by Amazon reviews as well, that a few features on this Smart watch will never be used by them.

for the younger kids there are other Minecraft watches out there that are more basic:

If you do want to have a look at the Minecraft Kids Smart Watch you can the links below:






Minecraft Kids Smart Watch


value for money


Wrist Size


interaction and engagement




User Friendly



  • ideal features for first Smart Watch
  • changeable wall paper
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Novelty Childs first watch
  • Games


  • Wrist Strap size not big enough for Over 7's
  • Too many features for under 6's

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