How to teaching Bronze Age to School kids? Use Minecraft!

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How to teaching Bronze Age to School kids?

So what are our perceptions of Classrooms these days and challenges that teachers have? How can you teach subjects?

Each generation is different and I can say for sure that my kids schools are totally different to my own as I am sure many of my fellow parents can agree with?

The challenges facing any teacher is keeping the classroom engaged in the lesson. If he or she can make it stimulating then the lesson will be a success.

classroom engagement

Some subjects will be more challenging than others but History as an advantage as children can engage in play acting and become involved with projects and experience what they are learning about to some extent which is more fun than Maths for example.

But what if we add technology? what technology could hold the children’s attention ? The answer is Minecraft !

Many schools in the UK and other countries include Minecraft in after school clubs and play and learn activities. My youngest son actually learnt to read and write using Minecraft.

One primary school has gone a step further and used this extraordinary computer game in the classroom to school pupils history.

Children from Haslingfield School in Cambridgeshire were lucky enough to have the opportunity to design a Bronze Age city on Minecraft while working with the experts from the University of Cambridge.

What a brilliant opportunity These School children had and I am sure they will remember what they have learnt for many years to come.

This is the power of engagement at it’s best and I can see no reason why Minecraft will not become further involved with education as it proves time and again how versatile and stimulating it really is.

you can view the full report and video of the Children’s achievements below courtesy of BBC News here: Click Here










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