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Minecraft News

on the 23rd May 2017 it was announced that a new update would be available for the Education edition after leaving the Beta stage, so then what is the update?

The update is a a new code builder tool; Why does this matter?

The new code builder will work Offered in line and unison with other tools on this edition which will help teachers and parents increase their ability to engage with students / children. Planning for different lesson subjects will now be easier to build around Minecraft education.

The new Code Builder will enable users to create even more  amazing creations within the education world by using the external coding software.

Minecraft: Education Edition making it easier for everyone to use and creating more powerful teaching tools for educators and parents

A good example as to the benefits of the new tool is shown is in it’s World builder abilities so that teachers can now use them much faster than before. This is thanks to Microsoft’s decisive choice to shorten the command to “/wb”. Microsoft also decided to add a couple of new commands that enable it’s users the ability to clear their inventory much faster than before and it is now easier find out where they are based on grid coordinates.

There are also other updates to look out for such as new Command Blocks that will allow users to activate blocks within the game’s new command system. This will now make it easier to craft such items as teleporter’s, weather changers, give out other items, and enrich the game itself however there is a catch ! of course, User’s will have to code it first !

Teachers and parents have also gained the ability in Classroom Mode for being able to alter weather patterns, and spawn mobs, TNT, and lava but further still there is the option if they choose to they can now mute chat if required or have the power to mute anyone anyone within the world. a good idea if there is a disruptive pupil as that is all that happens in real life.

Microsoft have also presented new lesson plans and ideas to enhance interaction and stimulation for the pupils such as only being allowed to chat in a different language to the one they speak, this is great for language lessons as your forced to think which will help you learn.

there is now lessons to help students create and structure poems and learning how to construct new buildings while sticking to budget. They do this by issuing certain blocks and materials with prices. The student will then work to the budget set by the teacher. This is something that I find really useful as the education system does not cater for financial management or factoring how we can budget. I believe that is why there is so many people struggling nowadays.

Once again this versatile game is creating unique insights for education facilities around the world to help our children get stimulated with their education. I am looking forward to watching the Minecraft Education edition evolve in the furture.


I’d love to hear your views or experiences of this edition of Minecraft, feel free to comment !!

Fidget Spinners!!!

Fidget Spinner Craze

So the latest kids craze is the fidget spinner here in the UK and no doubt around the world, there are even Minecraft ones floating about but I am not sure they are licensed products from Mojang so I am not going to review or recommend the Minecraft fidget spinners until I have evidence they are licensed.

These are however a great idea for the kids and were supposed to help with a childs concentrating and to stop them from fidgeting in a school classroom but in the news today it seems to of have an adverse effect!

as Sky News correspondent Laura Bundock, Reports:

” Fidget spinners, the latest must-have toy, are being banned from schools as teachers brand them a disruptive distraction.

Sales have recently rocketed as parents are pestered for the popular toy.

They were originally designed for people who struggle to concentrate, and some claim they have helped children with conditions like autism or ADHD.

But while fidget spinners are often advertised as relaxing and stress-relieving, they have become a nuisance in classrooms.

Hertfordshire Year 6 teacher Mark Creasy said his school quickly banned them from lessons.

“They were being thrown around like Frisbees.

“They’re being passed around the class, they’re out in the in the playground, and actually it just becomes a distraction.

“They’re not something to occupy you, to actually keep you focused and engaged which is what they should be, but they’re actually being used as something to disrupt.”

Children who have special educational needs are still allowed the toys”

This is not just in Hertfordshire as also it has been on the news here in Liverpool as well. Now kids will be kids but it is a shame a few have ruined it for the many but understandably the schools have a duty of care over our children.

so is there an alternative? well yes there is and yes it is Minecraft Linked ( quietly chuckles!)

 Sensory Oojamabobs

Sensory Oojamabobs

Sensory Oojamabobs are fidget flip toys and is a  QUIET fiddle toy designed for children with Autism ADHD.

the product description identifies this sensory device by saying Fidgi-Flips are fun, durable and innovative fiddle toys, perfect for improving focus and attention, helping with stress and anxiety and can help refocus nervous energy we express in behaviours such as nail biting.

The Standard Fidgi-Flip measures about 45mm across and weigh 17g. Each metal ring is 25mm in diameter and these are made of nickel-plated steel.


Research studies have shown fidget toys help people and that includes Adults asell as Children for that matter by helping the person to focus and reduce their anxiety while actually helping to promote learning.

This is particularly true for children and adults with ADHD. As they don’t require any conscious thought or attention, as a parent of 3 sons with ADHD I would personally recommend Fidgi-Flips over a fidget spinner for school time as it can help children in class and adults if they are in a meeting or even adult education to concentrate without being too distracting.

They can help improve a person’s concentration and to keep focus on the task at hand, by allowing the brain to exercise its nervous energy. The optional lanyard means the extra distractions of getting fiddle toys in and out of pockets or picked up and put down is eliminated. With the lanyard, the Fidgi-Flip can hang loose from a belt-loop and is easily accessed when needed and kept save reducing the risk of dropping it with minimal distraction to the individual and others around them.

I would say the benefits for me to recommend this device are:

Helps concentration – Reduces stress and anxiety – Improves dexterity – Can help promote learning – Mindless – doesn’t require conscious thought or attention – Durable – Cold to warm – Different textures – Outlet for nervous energy – Has a decent weight, providing further sensory input – The lanyard makes the Fidgi-Flips easier to hold and harder to lose!

You can find the Minecraft version in amazon priced at just £11.99 – http://amzn.to/2qvT6p1

I’d love to here what you think and your views and experiences with your children who have fidget spinners and if you have had problems with the schools as this is an ideal solution.

Minecraft to help people with Type 1 Diabetes!!

Minecraft morphed into game to help kids and parents deal with onset of diabetes


I’ve just read an article that was published online on the 9th April, The source of the article written by Nick Wiggins of News ABC in Australia is another example how this game is helping and can help all children.

The article for which I will include the link to at the end of the post tells the story of a boy who has type 1 Diabetes which was diagnosed when he was 8 years old.

The article doesn’t say how old the boy is now but I imagine it is difficult and worrying for his parents in making sure the correct observations are taken in order to maintain a safe lifestyle.

This particular boy is helping his father Mr Wulf create a program coding which will help children with Diabetes monitor their blood glucose and insulin. They hope to create a modified version of Minecraft whereby, players walk around the world playing through stories however in this game they have the added challenge of monitoring their blood glucose and insulin while they are playing the game so they develop the habit and routine of doing this in their lives.

“They focus on playing, they focus on the story, they focus on the magic, and they just learn how to manage diabetes in the course of that,” Mr Wulf (quote from article)


Mr Wulf is hoping that the new programming will help children better understand type 1 diabetes and allow children who have friends with the condition better understand it.
The idea has created interest with a pharmaceutical company as well as perhaps trials in hospitals.


This would really be an amazing step up from just the education editions of Minecraft and I see no reason for it to stop here, there are countless things that are important for our children to learn that are vitally important to learn. Using this game helps them in a fun way.


click here for Link to article


I would love to here your views and comments on this article, comment below !!

Minecraft makes real maps

Minecraft makes real maps

In 2013 the daily telegraph ran an article regarding Minecraft and how they recreated a map of the U.K. using Ordnance survey data allowing for players to explore the country within Minecraft.

Tower Bridge Minecraft style!! – Click to enlarge

This to me is a very good idea as it can allow children and some adults to get there bearings and learn about their surrounding areas in a fun way.

This real map when it was created covered the whole of the 86487 square miles of the U.K. by using the digital mapping products of the Ordnance Survey library and consisted of 22 billion blocks. Another amazing fact is it only took 2 weeks to create!!

The Terrain was built using a 3D model of the earths surface and a backdrop map product which allowed the extraction of rural surface features.

Players are able to fly around the nation and checkout all the famous and not so famous landmarks. For me this just shows how innovative Minecraft can be.

Present day

Fast forward to 2017 Minecraft makes real maps is now a past tense as they have created the whole earth!! Forget google earth to learn your way around.

City Life – Click to enlarge


For the kid’s checkout the planet edition., I will be doing a review on this edition in the next few days.

Just a fun fact about planet Minecraft; it took 16,20032400 blocks to build the earth which is a perfect addition and compliments the Education edition perfectly. In perfect Minecraft tradition, when you view the Earth from space it is in fact more of a square for the obvious reason which is we build with  blocks!

There is also a separate community for the planet edition where players are able to upload their own building projects for reviews and discussion aswell as other players to download the projects to play on them so they can experience and examine other peoples’ building techniques and interpretation of famous landmarks around the world.

I hope this of interest to you and would love to hear about any projects you have in motion at the moment?

Comment below about what your building at the moment and any screen shots you have I will add to the website!

Free Minecraft tutorial

Free Minecraft tutorial

As with all computer games, they take time to learn and this game certainly does. There are however plenty of online tutorials and most free such as ones on You Tube which is a great resource centre for literally anything.

I remember my son spent hours every day watching you tube videos on Minecraft while he waited patiently for me to buy it for him. I believe this helped quell any frustrations he had or may have had if he just went and played without knowing what to do but instead he was almost an expert on the basics! 

Here is a lot of silly stuff on you tube so obviously monitor it but there is also some great stuff on there not just for free Minecraft. Tutorials but for other subjects.

Also you can research on Minecraft Wiki which is their version of Wikipedia. Mojang really have thought of everything!

I’d love to hear from anyone who uses any resources to develope their Minecraft skills!

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

So I was browsing the Minecraft website earlier and came across The Education edition, I’ve known about it for sometime but never really researched it until now and truly think its a great idea!

The Minecraft education edition takes this virtual world one step further in promoting creativity, collaborating and problem solving. There really is no limit to the imagination of  a child or adults for that matter.

This program could really be beneficial to child who struggles with stimulation in the classroom. I bet I’m only parent who’s child can’t wait to get home and have computer time!

One of my sons has ADHD and although very intelligent, struggles to get stimulated in some subjects such as English and maths. If a teacher was able to engage in a virtual minecraft themed class room even for 30 minutes a week then perhaps this would be more progressive and engaging. Too many children lose out on there education as they don’t fall into line with the Education system, unfortunately I have had this experience first hand however the Normal minecraft game really helped my son with his English and counting aswell as his typing skills in Primary School.

I know this is not for all Children but for some it could well be the thing that inspires and motivates them to Learn. There are lessons for every age group from 3-6 yrs right through secondary school.

I would recommend the Minecraft Education edition for sure!


This is just my opinion and I’d love to hear yours!!

Minecraft Character Toys

We all have our own favourite things and there is no difference in Minecraft!

My son Brandon has his own minecraft character toys and so will you or already have. You got to know them within the game first and then they became available in toy stores. here we have the Hostile Mobs pack:

These Minecraft Character toys include the charcters Zombie with Sword, Enderman, Creeper, and Wither Skeleton with Bow and Arrow

When you explore the Overworld, beware of the Hostile Mobs !!!




My son Brandons all time favourite Minecraft Character toys have to be the diamond sword and the owner of the sword Steve! and with steves figure you get a tiny version of the sword aswell! Checkout the detail on these figures, nothing has been left out.

This articulated Steve action figure comes with accessories and is dressed in  Diamond armour which is is the most durable of all the sets in Minecraft,

the figures are recommended For ages 6 years and over.

I don’t think anyones actually counted how many characters there are in Minecraft but I am planning to add characters each week aswell as finding how many are actually available as figures to buy.

 One of the most popular monsters on minecraft is the Creeper and again no detail has been missed on this version of Minecraft Character toys, It’s highly details and articulated once again and is how you would find it on the game itself.

Creepers stealth like approach players and explode at the most inconvenient of times however They’re vulnerable to cats and ocelots, and make and ominous hissing noise when they are about to pop! so take note buy a cat!!

Please leave a comment below and tell me about your favourite minecraft character toys! I will had them on my page with your name !!

Happy Minecrafting!!

Minecraft Build List!!

Ideas for building:

when you start the main thing as in real life when camping is to choose an ideal location as you don’t want to start building then change your mind especially if your playing survival mode, you won’t survive! quick tip; if you are playing survival mode choose high ground or perhaps some sort of tree house to protect you from predators.

Your Minecraft build list should include a plan not to crowd everything into one room, spread out! build your living area, have a bedroom or two but plan to expand and build a protective wall however make sure you don’t spread out too far, have your various rooms leading of the main living area or main corridor like you would in a house.

If you are thinking of building into the side of a hill or mountain then consider the layout as you can easily get lost, what would happen if a predator breached your security? in Minecraft a build list can really help you decide the direction you want to go in and stick to the build list you prepared.

Minecraft build list: 

Shelter: basic items you would need to live in real life such as fireplace, table, bed, you can expand as you go.


You will need to have a storage place for extra food and equipment so don’t hold back on the size of this as area.


You will need to eat and survive so make sure you can build somewhere with an open space to farm. include space for sheep, pigs, cows plus an area for you to grow vegetables, don’t forget to protect them!!


Once you have your structure in place you might want to expand your Crib! Brandon always includes a Library on is Minecraft Build list as he loves books plus here you can keep your enchantment books!


also include a mine on your list as we all love a diamond or two don’t we!!


Situate this in a large outside area with a forge where your furnaces will be kept. Storage will be needed to keep building materials while it can also function as an outdoor building.

I hope I’ve giving you a few ideas with this Minecraft building list, I’m no expert like Brandon but would love to read about your plans and ideas on how you set your buildings up!! Please comment below !!

Your own designs

now lets not forget that this game is about imagination and creation so it would be silly of me to not include your own designs would it!

you and your imagination have no boundaries and once you have mastered your skills in Minecraft you can really create whatever you wanted plus you can o back whenever you wanted and add more creations as there is really no limits.



Diamond sword

Diamond Sword

Your very own Minecraft Diamond Sword!!

Minecraft Diamond Sword comes in two varieties; hard plastic or EVA foam as to not injure your child.

EVA makes the Diamond Sword a sturdy tool, hefty but has  enough cushion giving it a comfortable feeling using it to slaughter a wide variety of baddies you may come across!

You will also be able to battle Creepers and dig for resources with  another version of the Minecraft diamond sword!

A dual-action toy! First you’re mining with a Diamond Pick-axe, and then with one smooth motion you’re prepared for attack, holding a Diamond Sword!

Minecraft players certainly know the importance of swords, especially diamond swords, which offer the most uses and can do the most damage.

In order to make one you will need to Add some Items to make one using  crafting menu. In your  crafting area that is made up of a 3 x 3 crafting grid you will need to add 2 diamonds in order to make a diamond sword. Once you have mined for the diamonds you will need to place 2 of these and a single stick in the 3 x 3 crafting grid and then you will be able to create one. Not to difficult you just need to know the best place to mine for the diamonds.

Exciting two-in-one tool has brilliant new diamond design and also has it’s own song!!

Diamond sword song


Put me in a brand new world,
I get around with ender pearl,
I will not go far with this wooden ax,
So there is one thing that I got to have,


I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,

Some diamond armor and some iron too,
I will have power when I swing at you!

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword,

Build a house and make my bed,
Kill some cows to keep me fed,
Survive the creepers and I stay alive,
I need more power I don’t want to die,


I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
Some diamond armor and some iron too,
I will have power when I swing at you!

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword,

Hey, hey, hey,
Hey, hey, hey,

Hey, hey, hey,

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
Some diamond armor and some iron too,
I will have power when I swing at you!

I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword, sword, sword, sword,
I need a diamond sword.

I’d love to here your views regarding this item!!